Gardens wanted for Macmillan Open Garden trail from Seaford to Brighton

People who would like to open their gardens to the public and support charity are being invited to take part in the Macmillan Open Garden Trail this summer.

It will take place from Saturday August 3-4, with gardens from Brighton to Seaford opening from 11am to 5pm.

Owners of 17 gardens have already signed up for the event and eight of these have never opened to the public before.

Last year nine gardens took part and together they raised £2,600 for the cancer charity in just one day.

Event organiser Geoff Stonebanks said: “Don’t be frightened, it’s great fun.

“The first time it can be a bit stressful but the day itself will be great. People are much nicer than you expect.

“People don’t expect a show garden. The most interesting gardens to visit are those that are a bit like one’s own, acting as a source of ideas and inspiration.”

Call Geoff on 01323 899296 or emailing