GCSEs: Pupils achieve more top grades than ever before at Heathfield Community College

Heathfield pupils celebrate
Heathfield pupils celebrate

Pupils at Heathfield Community College were celebrating after achieving 74 per cent of grades A* to C.

Outstanding performers, who achieved five or more A*s, included: Charlotte Chapman, Marianne Beach, Hayley Huggett, Charlotte Daniels, Alice Baker, Kate Baird, Hannah Baker, Ben Tyler, Brandon Johnson and Louise Carvell.

Students who achieved at least seven A* and A grades combined included: Lydia

Masters, Lilith Epstein, Rosie Bourne, Joe Pickering, Luke Steward, Matilda Jessel, Katie Richardson, George Wood, Ashley Cornford, Beth Joy, Henry MacKenzie, Sophie De

Groot, Nathaniel Green, Beth Newson, William Hutchings, Hannah Charnley, Aran Ingram, Charlotte Stephens, Beth Hibbert, James Avard, Barney Bose and Niccolo Serafino.

Phoebe Wylam, with 11 A*s and 3 As, said: “I just wanted to be by myself. I couldn’t look at the subjects. All I saw were the A*s. I kept counting them ... just to make sure I beat my brother!”

Alan Powell, Headteacher, said: “We were somewhat anxious as to what the

supposed ‘volatility’ might do to individual students results. We hoped students’ achievements and progression wouldn’t be affected by national policy adjustments.

“We are delighted to report the results of this year’s Year 11s match our best ever

performance of 74 per cent five or more A*-C grades, including English and Maths, and the students have achieved more top grades than ever before.”

Head of Year 11, Sue Smith, added: “Great efforts have been rewarded right through

the grades and the triumphs of students getting apprenticeships or the ‘C’s for a college course are equally a delight.

“Of course, the grades really matter but, time and again, I just keep seeing how they’ve grown up and how they’ve all turned out as fantastic young people, I am extremely proud of them all.”