Get advice on seasonal sniffles and coughs

Staff from East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust are getting behind the national NHS winter campaign, Feeling under the weather?, encouraging older people to seek healthcare advice as soon as they begin to experience seasonal sniffles.

The campaign urges anybody over 60 with a minor winter illness like a bad cough, a cold or a sore throat, to pop down to their local pharmacy for quick health advice to nip the problem in the bud before the cold weather worsens the symptoms.

Alice Webster, the trust’s director of nursing, said: “People often don’t seek advice for their wheezes, coughs and sneezes because they don’t think it’s serious enough. Unfortunately though, symptoms that in our youth may have only resulted in a manageable sniffle, can represent the risk of developing into a much more serious condition as we get older. Without doubt, early advice is the best advice. You may feel that you don’t want to waste your pharmacist’s time by calling in with a minor complaint, but no problem is too small for your local pharmacist, who is a highly trained and trusted source of health advice. Early advice can still be found online by visiting”