Ghoulies and beasties at spooky Uckfield

A Halloween 'Spooky Party in the Woods'
A Halloween 'Spooky Party in the Woods'

If you went down to the woods last Friday night you were sure of not just a big, but a giant surprise.

Uckfield’s Church Coombe Community Association held a Halloween ‘Spooky Party in the Woods’ at Downland Copse Wood in the town.

The Community Association encouraged youngsters to dig out their most ghouly, ghostly outfits and scare the living daylights out of anyone who ventured out.

More than 30 children went along with parents in tow to enjoy a really spooky party in the dense woodland, which, one admitted, had more than a touch of Blair Witch Project about it!

The area was lit with lanterns, decorations and candles to provide a fairytale atmosphere and everyone said it wasn’t all that frightening although you could scream if you wanted to.

Youth group leader Val West and her husband Steve had worked for weeks to set up, organise and supervise a smoothly-run event.

They were helped by Brian Parsons, Carole Browne and Viv and Keith Cottingham.

The youngsters enjoyed a fancy dress competition and took part in lots of spooky pumpkin games including ‘wrap the mummy or daddy,’ ‘rolling pumpkins’ and doughnut eating.

This was followed by a barbecue to round off the evening which everyone said was a supernatural success and enjoyed by both children and parents.