Girl who fell slams ‘very bad driver’

‘YOU’RE VERY dangerous’ - words used by an eight-year-old girl to describe a driver who caused her to fall off bike after it veered too close.


Samantha Tyrell daughter Jamie knocked of her bike by a car passing to close SUS-141205-172534001
W19846H14 Samantha Tyrell daughter Jamie knocked of her bike by a car passing to close SUS-141205-172534001

Jaime Tyrrell, of Hildon Close, Durrington, was making her way to school with her mum and siblings when a car ‘shot past’ her and caused her to collide with a parked car. The Field Place First School pupil has slammed the actions of the driver in the hope they will be more considerate in future.

She said: “I would tell the driver that you’re a very bad driver because you shouldn’t try to get past people when there isn’t room. You’re very dangerous because you didn’t give me any room and I’ve hurt myself because of you.

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“I liked riding my bike but you’ve made me feel scared.”

Jaime was following behind her brother and mum, Samantha, who had toddler Emily in a bike seat, in The Avenue last Tuesday morning, when the incident occurred.

She was caused to ‘wobble’ when the car squeezed past her, causing her to fall off.

Samantha, 32, said: “The people carrier shot past me and I thought it was going a bit fast. Then I heard a swerve, skid and then a thud. I turned around and I couldn’t see my daughter. She was picking herself off of the road.”

Jaime had been cycling to school for a year, building up her confidence by cycling on the pavement. She had only recently started cycling on the quieter roads but the incident has left her uneasy about riding her bike.

Samantha said: “She was really shocked and very tearful. She had only just built up her confidence and then this happens.

“She cycled to school the day after but wouldn’t go any faster than walking pace.”

Jaime fortunately escaped with only grazes but Samantha said it ‘could have been worse’.

She believes the driver did not allow enough room and was in too much of a hurry.

She said: “The driver must have seen Jaime had come off her bike.

“They were obviously in a hurry as they squeezed past us and shot off.”

Samantha is supportive of plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit in the town’s residential roads, which is currently being consulted on by West Sussex County Council. She also reported the incident to the police but as she did not have the car’s registration number, no further action could be taken.

She said: “I am definitely supportive of 20mph limits, especially if put islands in the roads to make drivers slow down.”