God of Hellfire Arthur Brown burnt in stage stunt

SIXTIES rocker Arthur Brown accidentally set himself on fire at the weekend when his famous on-stage pyrotechnics got out of hand.

The self-proclaimed God of Hellfire, and Lewes resident, was performing his classic hit Fire when the accident happened.

During a concert at the Market Lane Garage, Lewes, he donned a helmet and set light to it using lighter fluid, as he has done hundreds of times during his long career.

But the flames spread to his cloak and set his neck and hair alight.

Arthur was remarkably calm about the incident and said it was 'just one of those things'.

He told the Express today (Thursday): 'I'm absolutely fine. I think the firefighting precautions worked and they put me out straight away.

'My mum always told me to wear a cotton vest and without it things could have been a lot worse.

'I think there was just too much lighter fluid in the helmet.'

Arthur said he will continue to use his trademark fire helmet and is set to release a new CD in the coming weeks.

Phil Rhodes, singer with Lewes band Tongue and Groove, who were backing

Arthur and also performing at the show, leapt into action to try to put him out but also ended up in flames.

He said: 'Some of the lighter fluid dripped down his back and I patted it to try to put it out.

'Arthur jettisoned the helmet, loads more lighter fluid caught on fire and so did my arm!

'So we were both on fire but everyone just clapped and thought it was part of the stage show.'

Both men were extinguished while the band played on and, ever-the professional, Arthur returned to the stage almost immediately, slighlty singed and with less hair than before, to sing the second verse.

Phil was left with burns to his arm but also valiantly played on and performed again later that evening.

Both men were joking about the incident and went to a party afterwards but friends say Arthur hasn't been seen since.

Phil said: 'We're not too worried. We think he's just lying low for a while and has gone to stay with some friends somewhere.

'I've set light to Arthur hundreds of times before and we're not complete idiots. We do have a procedure of what we do but I think this time he moved a bit more than he normally does.

'It was a great gig though and not many people realised there was anything wrong.'

The show was to launch Artwave, a month-long celebration of art in the district.