Google UK director inspires schoolchildren

Pupils at Ditcham Park School recently enjoyed a visit from a director of Google UK.
Craig Fenton with a pupilCraig Fenton with a pupil
Craig Fenton with a pupil

The school welcomed Craig Fenton, who visited the school to talk to parents and pupils about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Craig arrived in style, turning up at the school in his Model X Tesla electric car which auto drove itself to Ditcham.

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He then addressed a packed audience of parents who had come to the Breakfast Lecture.

Mrs Tosdevine, school secretary, said: “A half hour talk turned into a one hour tour de force as he talked passionately and convincingly about Google’s mission to bring technology to everyone. He demonstrated the artificial intelligence, which is built in to Google’s new smart phone and brought along some goggles to demonstrate the wonders of virtual reality.

“After a brief break, Craig Fenton spent an hour talking to two groups of pupils in classrooms before addressing a Juniors Assembly and then a Seniors Assembly. The students were fascinated and asked some difficult questions such as: do you agree with Professor Stephen Hawking who fears a ‘Terminator scenario’ whereby artificial intelligence will threaten the human race? Reassuringly, and perhaps not surprisingly, Craig Fenton did not agree with Professor Stephen Hawking’s dystopian predictions!”