Government gives £420m funding to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton

George Osborne at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton with MP Simon Kirby (left).
George Osborne at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton with MP Simon Kirby (left).

The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton will benefit from a £420m redevelopment, it was announced this week.

Peacehaven and Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby spoke of delight following the news that his campaign to secure the Government funding was successful.

The Chancellor George Osborne announced that the Government had given the green light to redeveloping the hospital on Tuesday May 1.

Mr Kirby said: “The announcement is great news for local people.

“Huge congratulations must go to the team at the Royal Sussex who worked so hard to put forward such a compelling case.

“It is only right that patients and staff will now have the very best facilities they deserve.

“I have been actively campaigning for a long time now for the £420m funding to redevelop the Royal Sussex Hospital and would thank everyone who supported my campaign and took the time to sign my hospital petition, which I am sure made a real difference.”

The MP handed over a petition signed by thousands of local residents to the health secretary, repeatedly questioning the Prime Minister and Chancellor about the proposed investment and bringing cabinet ministers to Brighton to visit the hospital and learn more about the campaign.

Chancellor George Osborne said: “Simon Kirby has proved a tireless and effective campaigner for this major redevelopment which will hugely benefit the people of Brighton and the surrounding area.”

Mr Kirby added: “It is right and proper that there was detailed scrutiny before the Government committed such a huge amount of money, but through my repeated efforts I left the Chancellor, Prime Minister and health secretary in no doubt as to the importance of this money for patients and staff here in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven.

“Today is an excellent day for the NHS here in Brighton Kemptown, Peacehaven and the wider area and I am pleased to have played a role in making this much needed new hospital a reality.”

Simon Kirby, Member of Parliament, joined the Chancellor, George Osborne, in Brighton on Tuesday May 1 for the historic announcement on funding for the hospital.

Mr Kirby added: “It was great to be able to show the Chancellor the existing facilities so he can see for himself what a difference this funding will make for patients and staff at the hospital.”

“I am delighted that all the campaigning effort has been a success. I am sure the Chancellor was getting sick of the sight of me knocking on his door.”