Graham Norton opens Summer Fete

CELEBRITY presenter Graham Norton made a special guest appearance to officially open Bexhill's Mais House Summer Fête on 10th July.

Graham, was given a warm welcome and greeted with cheers and applause from the crowd of approximately 600 who had turned up to see him.

Opening the fte he teased:

"I've recently moved to Bexhill...has property prices gone up or down?" Adding: "Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome."

Graham was quickly surrounded by a throng of fans and,after 'inspecting the troops', happily posed for pictures and signed autographs for over an hour.

The Leer family from Bexhill said they were thrilled to have met him.

Abbey Leer said: "We're over the moon, we love him so much."

It was a special day in more ways than one as Royal British Legion owned Mais House (which provides nursing and residential care for ex-servicemen/women and their spouses) pulled out all the stops to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the start of the Battle of Britain.

The proceedings commenced with an opening address and prayers by vicar of St Peter's and chaplain of Mais House, Reverend Olivia Werrett.

The crowd stood in silence as Rev Werrett recalled the four month battle for "the supremacy of our skies" and gave thanks for the RAF and "for the united and valiant commitment made by all of our armed forces in the cause of freedom and justice and in all the conflicts since."

Royal British Legion Standard Bearers paraded into the grounds to the 'March of the Royal British Legion', played by the Little Common Royal British Legion concert band.

After presenting their flags everyone stood to attention for the National Anthem.

There was much on offer to keep the crowds busy, including stalls selling a variety of wares, games and a display of motorbikes and vintage cars courtesy of the Royal British Legion Riders and the Ford Model T Club.

The fte raised over 1,500, fifty percent up on last years takings, and Matron of Mais House, Sue Jones, thanked everyone for their support, adding : "Graham Norton has been a star in every sense of the word '“ he even mentioned the fte on radio two while he's been sitting in for Chris Evans!"

As he left Graham said: "It's been lovely, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and friendly."