Grandparent is feeling '˜on fire' after weight loss

Karen Noble has gone from feeling burnt out to being on fire.

Karen Noble is looking forward to her 60th birthday in October with new-found vigour
Karen Noble is looking forward to her 60th birthday in October with new-found vigour

She has no trouble getting down on the floor to play with her grandsons and is looking forward to her 60th birthday in October with new-found vigour.

The journey has not been easy, including serious health problems, but Karen is now on top of the world.

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“I feel so alive and positive. I am really enjoying life again and feel so excited about the future,” she said.

Karen Noble set out to lose two-and-a-half stone for her daughter's wedding but actually lost four-and-a-half stone

The secret to her success has been losing more than four stone in weight and increasing her activity levels.

Karen will be passing on some of those secrets when she takes over the Arundel Slimming World group at Arundel Scout Hall on Saturday.

She knows all about comfort eating when stressed but has her own way to manage it, using small plastic tubs to separate out portions of her favourite treats.

“My tendency to comfort eat really started just as I was entering my teenage years and has been a problem for most of my adult life,” she said.

“I knew food gave only a quick fix but I couldn’t stop it. Food was my best friend and worst enemy at the same time.

“I can still start comfort eating when under stress but I am making better choices about what to eat and I have found that walking in the forest or on a beach is a more effective way of relieving stress.

“I always put treats into little plastic tubs as soon as I buy them so I can exercise some restraint and not feel the need to ‘finish off’ large quantities in one go.

“I love the fact that my grandsons know where to find the treats and can be encouraged to accept one tub is enough. Moderation in all things but without depriving ourselves of things you really enjoy.”

Over the years, Karen has faced two failed marriages, periods of unemployment, depression and financial difficulties.

She qualified as a social worker in the 1990s but said the stress of 22 years in the field had taken their toll on her weight.

She joined a Bognor Regis Slimming World group in March 2015 with the aim of losing 2½ stone for her daughter’s wedding.

Two months later, she suddenly lost control of her muscles and was told she had a hernia, lung condition and an overactive thyroid.

She was put on medication and started to take more exercise, which has helped her to steadily taking back control of her health. By the time of the wedding, she had lost 4½ stone.

Slimming has changed Karen’s life. She is now off all medication and although her conditions are not cured, they are well managed.

Karen is excited about her new role as a consultant and hopes her social work skills will help her communicate better. Meetings are held at Arundel Scout Hall from 9am to 11am.