Grants given to voluntary groups in Hailsham

CHARITIES and voluntary organisations in Hailsham have benefited from £7,900 worth of grants from Hailsham Town Council.

The finance, policy and resources estimates sub-committee gave approval to the grants in April as part of the 2011/12 Community Grant Scheme.

The town council has awarded grants to a wide range of community groups that aim to introduce improved facilities, activities or projects for the benefit of the town’s residents:

Diplocks Community Trust (£300), Hailsham Bonfire Society (£750), Hailsham ATC 249 Squadron (£750), Hailsham & District Sports Alliance (£200), Hailsham United Junior Football Club (£500), Royal Air Force Association Hailsham (£250), Hailsham Town Football Club (£800), Summerheath Hall (£300), Lark In The Park Charitable Trust (£500), Quicken Trust (£250), Mediation + (£800), Hailsham Cricket Club (£500), Hailsham Bowling Club (£150),Hailsham Table Tennis Club (£150),Gallery North (£300), Computers For Charities (£300),Hailsham Choral Society (£250),Union Corner Pre-School (£300),Hailsham Old Pavilion Society (£300) and Hailsham ESDA (£250).

Small grants can be applied for by local community and voluntary groups attended by Hailsham residents. The next deadline for grant aid applications (2012/2013) will be the end of November 2011. For an application form write to the Town Clerk, Hailsham Town Council, Inglenook, Market Street, Hailsham, BN27 2AE.