‘Green energy firms need more support’

Sarah Owen and Paul Hales at the water turbine test centre in Ore
Sarah Owen and Paul Hales at the water turbine test centre in Ore

A politician believes red tape is hampering green energy companies from bringing jobs to town.

Sarah Owen, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, said she wants the Government to give greater support to eco firms.

She made the remarks following a recent visit to Hales Water Turbines Ltd, based in Ore.

Micro hydro companies, such as Hales, face considerable delay and bureaucracy to conduct research and operate in UK waterways, Ms Owen said.

She added: “It’s crucial to our town’s future that we create sustainable, higher paid jobs in the high tech and renewable industries. We already have clusters of these businesses, like the fantastic facility at Hales Water Turbines but they need to be properly supported with cuts to small business rates and red tape, proper decarbonisation legislation and tax breaks.

“It’s not just for our environment that we need to get behind our local renewable energy companies, it’s for our economy, jobs and future of our area. We need more green energy jobs in Hastings and Rye.”

Paul Hales, director of Hales Water Turbines Ltd, said: “Tidal energy is one of the most abundant renewable, sustainable and predictable energy sources in the world.

“We have the potential to supply UK residents and businesses with environmentally-sound power but we need support from politicians of all colours to make this happen.

“I’m pleased Sarah understands the potential of this type of green energy and I hope she will put pressure on those in power to give local firms like ours more support.”