Grit bins are just in time for snow

GRIT bins were successfully installed in Newhaven just in time for the coldest December on record.

They can now be found around the town and for residents to use.

Newhaven Town Council decided to fund the bins with £2,500 following the treacherous conditions which affected the town last year.

Cllr Steve Saunders (Newhaven Valley) said: “I can confirm the great news that they were successfully installed at the various locations around the town on Monday (November 29).

“What fantastic timing this was, in view of the snow that we now have.

“I’d like to thank the officers involved at the Newhaven Town Council, for getting them sited in time and hope that the residents’ community spirit that was so in abundance last year, will ensure that paths and roads will be kept safe and accessible with this valuable aid for the winter months.”

Cllr Saunders added: ”We all hope that everyone looks after these bins that we as a community have bought, but if you see them being misused or vandalised please contact the police.”

The bins were installed in areas likely to be severely affected when it snows.

Areas included junction of Lee Way and Fullwood Avenue, Valley Ponds/the western end in Lee Way, Church Hill,the town centre, Park Drive Close in Denton and St Leonard’s Close in Denton.

It said there did not appear to be evidence that any person, parish or town council has been sued for carrying out ice or snow clearance.

A report by East Sussex County Council recommends a common sense approach with an expectation that residents and businesses will clear snow and ice from public areas near their properties.

Call Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999 if you see any vandalism.

If you notice grit bins need topping up contact the town council on 01273 516100.