Gundog training in Uckfield

NEW GUNDOG training courses for beginners will start in September.

The Gundog Club will run grades one and two courses near Uckfield. Similar courses run throughout the UK, and each culminates in The Gundog Club’s grade one or two test.

Grade one courses introduce gundog training for novice handlers. The Gundog Club aims to introduce more owners to this rewarding sport, helping people channel their pet’s natural desires and talents into a useful and exciting activity. Courses provide support for novice trainers following The Gundog Club’s graded training scheme. Grade two is for those who have already achieved a basic grade one standard. It builds to introducing simple hand signals, heelwork off lead and the stop whistle.

Taught by Gundog Club accredited assessors, each course accepts six students for eight weekly, one hour sessions. Over eight weeks, students will train their dogs in basic obedience and simple retrieving. Thirty courses are available to book online now. Details from: or: 01428 717529