Hailsham and District Twinning Association seek choir for France visit

Hailsham high street
Hailsham high street

Hailsham and District Twinning Association are seeking an English choir to visit twinned town Gournay en Bray in France.

The choir would visit the French town from September 19 until September 21 to sing in their church.

The choir which was due to visit the town had to drop out and the twinning association are now looking for a choir to go in their place.

The Mayor of Gournay en Bray is keen to invite a local English choir as a French choir visited Hailsham last year.

The association said there will be time for sightseeing and travel will be by coach.

Costs will be shared between travellers.

Choir members can be hosted by the association’s French friends or can arrange their own own accommodation.

Chairman, Keith Townsend said: “It is a priviledge for a choir to be invited by the Mayor of Gournay and it will be a interesting and rewarding weekend.”

Contact 01323 846539.