Hailsham charity warning over possible computer scam

Simon Rooksby
Simon Rooksby

A Hailsham charity is warning people to be aware of a possible computer scam.

Computers for Charities chief Simon Rooksby said he has been made aware of an overseas telephone scam threat.

He said people impersonating an agent for the Microsoft Windows Programme are seeking to dupe people into allowing access to their computers.

He said this will provide scammers with an opportunity for access of victims personal data and potential damange to their equipment while also seeking financial gain.

Simon said: “Once they have access to any Windows based machine they can control and adjust the computer or tablet making it unworkable.

“This scam has done the rounds before, but here at the charity we have had two calls in two days so this sets the alarm bells ringing.

“We have spoken to Microsoft, who have assured us that they never cold call or sell products via telephone.

“People can call us for peace of mind but remember, it’s not rude to put down the phone on callers like this – it’s the safest thing to do.

“If the scammers call back persistantly then contact the police, as they have a specific department that deals with online fraud.”

A spokesman for the charity said it was desperate to get the warning out.

The spokesman added: “Computers for Charities is particularly concerned for the vulnerable out there, the people who might be struggling with their PC literacy, who are not so e-aware, as this scam could bring a real risk of financial abuse or breach of personal confidentiality.

“Do not give anyone access codes to your computer equipment; financial or personal details are easy pickings once they have remote access to your system.”

The charity refurbishes computers to support projects for people in need at home and abroad. It has seen more than 250,000 computer systems donated.