Hailsham Christmas lights damage vehicle

SOME Christmas lights commissioned by Hailsham Town Council fell off in George Street and the High Street – causing some damage to the roof rack of a vehicle.

Two festoons [strings] of lights came down in bad weather but fortunately no one was hurt on Thursday last week, December 8.

A town council spokesman said fire engines were not called to the scene – although East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said they were alerted about the problem.

The council spokesman said: “The town council commissioned a new Christmas lighting scheme for 2011. The scheme uses LEDs that not only improve the appearance of the town, but use a fraction of the electricity of the old scheme and are much lighter with low voltage, and are therefore much safer than the old lighting scheme.”

He added: “Each year anchor points are pull-tested for safety before the lights are installed, and in response to the extreme conditions of last Thursday when two festoons came down, additional fixings have been installed to counter the current extreme weather conditions.”

The public were not in danger when the lights fell as they are low voltage, he added.