Hailsham fire station looks blooming good

The children decorating the garden at Hailsham Fire Station.
The children decorating the garden at Hailsham Fire Station.

Budding young Hailsham gardeners saw their winning designs take root when they were used to revamp the front of the town’s fire station gardens.

School children in Year 5 from Marshlands, Grovelands, White House and Hawkes Farm Primary Schools took part in a colouring competition to help design a small garden for the front of Hailsham Fire Station.

The winners from each school were able to see firsthand their winning design come to fruition when the designs were brought to life as children planted flowers in the fire station’s front garden, with RAF cadets doing the ground preparation work.

The competition was launched as part of the Community Fire Safety Schools Project in Hailsham, which involved the four primary schools, the local horticultural society and the RAF cadets.

Firefighter Jason Hull said after the children planted their winning designs they were shown around the fire station.

He said he believed they had learnt a lot from the experience and was thrilled the new garden had brought the front of the community station to life.

He said: “The reason why we did this was to enable us to meet a number of different groups within the community and make full use of our unused gardens.

“All of Year 5 students from each school were asked to design a small garden for our fire station, after a visit by us, a winner was chosen from each school and they came along with classmates to the fire station to plant their winning design, with the help of Hailsham in Bloom local volunteers.

“They were then shown around the fire station and took part in a little quiz to test what they had learned.

“It also gave us an opportunity to offer fire and road safety advice, bring the community together by involving Year 5 children, RAF cadets and Hailsham in Bloom volunteers, who all made this project possible.

“We hope that they will remember this as an enjoyable experience.

“Without the good will of all those involved including; Hailsham in Bloom, the RAF cadets, our contractors John Farringtons and of course the four local schools involved (Marshlands, Grovelands, White House and Hawkes Farm) we would not have been able to pull this together.

“We believe the children learnt so much and it is great to see that community spirit is still alive, as well as bringing to life the front of our community fire station.”