Hailsham MP Charles Hendry says future this year is much brighter

HAILSHAM’S MP Charles Hendry hopes that the town is ‘now at a turning point’ and the year ahead, 2012, will be ‘much brighter’.

In a New Year message for readers of the Sussex Express, he said that 2011 was a difficult year for Hailsham town centre with more businesses closing despite ‘the best endeavours of shopkeepers’. The MP also pledged to support the new town council elected last year with its programme of regenerating the town.

Mr Hendry said: “On a recent visit to Hailsham I was pleased to be told that years of accumulated rubbish and fly-posters on vacant retail units have been cleared and replaced by the work of local artists.

“This adds interest to the high street, promotes local artists and is a good way of improving the appeal of the high street to visitors.

“Local landlords are helping with the appearance of buildings; scaffolding can be seen in the high street where improvements are being made to give these buildings a new lease of life. Long term proposals are being made to restructure the road, to make Hailsham more accessible for everyday use, and to have an easier connection to main tourist roads.

“These changes are not being dictated by the local government but are the result of the canvassing, and consultation of local businesses, stakeholders and the public. Local leadership can help revitalise areas. Hailsham is pro-active, which attract new business, and with the continued support of local government and interested parties Hailsham will continue to improve and attract more visitors and business to the area.”

Mr Hendry believed Government loans for small businesses and other support would benefit Hailsham.

He also said that events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics should benefit local folk with tourists visiting the area.