Hailsham Police promote ‘community massaging’ service

THE NEXT TIME you suffer from back ache and need a massage, or need someone to pamper your neck – why not get in touch with your local neighbourhood police officer?

Or perhaps the whole community should get involved and take it in turns pounding your painful muscles back into shape.

At least, that is how some residents could be thinking after police sent them letters by mistake via Hailsham Police Station promoting a ‘community massaging system’.

One resident on the social networking website Twitter, mentioning the letter, called it, ‘mmm saucy’.

Jamie Harwood, NPT Engagement Officer, confirming the letters were sent in error, said: “Yes this is true and it was meant to read messaging system.”

The community ‘messaging’ service will help residents, businesses and other groups sign up for police community messages and alerts.

To find out more visit: www.sussex.police.uk/your-neighbourhood/community-messaging