Hailsham’s teenagers vote for town’s second youth mayor


Hundreds of young people in Hailsham have exercised their right to vote during the town’s second youth mayor elections.

Young people took to the ballot boxes to choose teenager Musta Rahman to represent them at full town council until May 2014.

The 17-year-old was elected having received 296 (37 per cent) of the 786 votes cast from the youth in the town.

The appointment was announced at a special meeting at Hailsham Community College where he is a student.

He was officially inducted at Hailsham Town Council annual meeting on May 13.

Musta was the former vice-chairman of Hailsham Youth Council.

His manifesto goals include spreading a positive message about the impact young people can make in Hailsham and its environs.

Delighted Musta said: “‘Being elected to the position of Hailsham Youth Mayor is a great honour and a responsibility I will treat with the greatest of respect.”

“Having sat on the youth council I am aware of the local issues facing the young people of Hailsham.

“I hope to make a positive impact in my new role, contributing to the new and exciting opportunities available for the youth of Hailsham.”

Musta added: “I would like to pay special thanks to Chelsie McIntosh, who has held the position of Youth Mayor for the past year.

“She has set an extremely high standard for me to follow.

“I am passionate about this town and look forward to playing some small part in its continued development.”

Michael Ryan, joint oversight councillor for Youth Projects at the town council, congratulated Musta and welcomed him as the town’s second Youth Mayor.

He said: “Well done for your election victory.

“I wish you all the very best for a most exciting and enjoyable year of office.

“I’d like to extend my thanks to all those who took the trouble to vote, which proves that young people, when engaged about issues and concerns that matter to them, are just as interested in their local community as the rest of us.

“Being Youth Mayor is a big job with great responsibility and I’m confident Musta will excel in his role.”

All Youth Mayors serve a one-year term. During that time he will be expected to attend civic functions, liaise with the town’s mayor and help address problems young people have in Hailsham.

The other candidates who stood in this year’s Youth Mayor elections were Betsy Gorman, Nicola Cullen and Tom Chicken.