Hailsham Trust launches new website

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The Hailsham Trust has launched a new website at www.hailshamtrust.org.uk.

The Hailsham Trust provides services, advice and support for people in financial hardship or unemployment.

It also helps campaign for the provision of recreational facilities. The Trust also aims to promote public safety and prevention of crime.

The organisation aims to provide services to support in seven core areas; Children and Families, Young People, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, Employability and Training, Healthy Lifestyles, Wellbeing, and Community Activities.

The new simple, easy to use website provides background information and contact details for the Hailsham Trust.

It also provides an up-to-date platform for all those interested in the work of the Trust to find out the latest news activities and events as well as get links to social media sites.

Hailsham Trust Chair, John Cornish, said: “This is the first stage of the Hailsham Trust’s online improvements and further documents and resources will be added as the organisation develops.”

Hailsham Trust is in the process of being re-launched with the Mission to achieve “community regeneration through integrated voluntary sector action”.

Hailsham Trust encourages all local people to tell it what they think are the needs in Hailsham and what activities and services are required to address these.

You can do this by visiting the website: www.hailshamtrust.org.uk, calling 01273-519106 or emailing info@hailshamtrsust.org.uk