Handicapped teen’s African trip to help school children

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A handicapped teenager is preparing to help poverty-stricken children in Africa after raising money racing in a triathlon.

Sporty Hannah Message completed a specially-designed sponsored Triathlon using mobility support equipment for her chance to help school children in the Ugandan village of Kabubbu.

The village has been devestated by AIDS, poverty and maleria.

The Bede’s Senior School sixth former is also hoping to meet her close friend Winnie, who lives in the village, after they formed a bond when the Ugandan studied at the school in 2008 and 2011

The 17-year-old, who was born premature leaving her moderately disabled, leaves her Crowhurst Park home with her mother Jenny for the life-changing trip this month.

Hannah will help schoolchildren as part of a team of volunteer workers with The Quicken Trust when she arrives on October 23.

The Sussex based charity has worked for 12 years to transform the lives of the village.

Raising money through a sponsored triathlon was Hannah’s Dad’s idea.

Hannah the Triathlon had been her Dad’s idea.

She said: “He is really sporty so I wasn’t surprised that he suggested it. It’s tough but I thought – ‘I’ll give it a go’.

“I wanted to raise about £600. I’m over the moon about raising £2,500. I had hoped to raise £1,000”

Geoff Booker, founder of Quicken Trust, received the cheque from Hannah. “She is an amazing young woman.”