Handsome monkey with GSOH seeks a match this Valentine’s Day

Maarten is prone to burping ... but don't let that put you off
Maarten is prone to burping ... but don't let that put you off

Honest, bubbly and an all-round nice monkey ... Maarten is looking for love in the form of an adoption at Drusillas Park this Valentine’s Day.

As one of the only animals at the Alfriston venue without an adopter, keepers have put six-year-old colobus monkey in the local lonely hearts column to find him a perfect match.

Head Keeper Sophie Leadbitter said: “Obviously Maarten is loved by his keepers and visitors alike, but it’s heartbreaking for us to see his empty adoption plaque outside his enclosure every day.

“He is a gentle monkey who enjoys relaxing in the summer sun or enjoying a snooze on his back after a tasty meal. He has beautiful dark eyes and a bushy white tail and is a perfect animal to adopt for a loved one this Valentine’s Day.”

Found in forests in central Africa, black-and-white colobus monkeys eat fruit and leaves and can weigh up to 20kg. Their stomach works like that of a cow. It has three or four different chambers and lots of bacteria to help break down the leaves.

Digesting often makes them burp, but keepers have cleverly left this out of Maarten’s column!

There are four colobus monkeys residing at Drusillas Park. To celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14h and to help Maarten find true love, the venue is offering 14 per cent off all adoptions of colobus monkeys this month.

All animal adopters receive complementary tickets to visit their adopted animal, an adoption certificate signed by a Zoo Director, an adoption plaque and a picture of the animal species they have adopted. To find out more, visit www.drusillas.co.uk/adopt-an-animal or call 01323 874100.