Hanging on for the Alternative Vote decision in Lewes

THE result of the local (Lewes District) Alternative Vote Referendum was being awaited on Friday evening.

Similiarly, how the electorate voted in the Lewes Town Council elections was still unavailable.

Candidates in the three wards were as follows:

Priory Ward

BARKER Adam Kenneth (Liberal Democrat); BARLOW Joyce (Liberal Democrat); CATLIN Catlin (Tobacconist In Lewes); CURTIS Aaron (Liberal Democrat); DANGOOR Simon David (Labour); DEAN Amanda (Liberal Democrat); EILOART Ian (Liberal Democrat); FLAKE Peter Lynton (Liberal Democrat); HOPPER

Trevor Hugh (Labour); MACDERMOTT Aran (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts); MOORE Kevin Anthony (Labour); O’KEEFFE Ruth (Independent); PRICE Ashley (Green Party); RUDKIN Richard John Anthony (Green Party); SERRECCHIA Luisa (Green Party); WALLEDGE Angela Mary (Conservative); WATTS Stephen (Labour).

Castle Ward

BLACK Richard (Labour); BOALER Julie (Labour); CHARTIER Mike (Liberal Democrat); CORNWALL Lena Maria (Labour); CORNWALL Malcolm George (Labour); DALY Jim (Liberal Democrat); EDMUNDS Donna (Conservative); GEORGE Steve (Green Party); HASAN Sam (Labour); LAMPORT Derek Thomas Anthony (Liberal

Democrat); MURRAY Roger (Green Party); MURRAY Susan Jean (Green Party First Choice Candidate); PARKIN Nathan Charo Lacey (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts); PILOTT Howard (Green Party); PIPER Barry (Liberal Democrat); RAPLEY Keith Joseph (Green Party); SERRECCHIA Lorraine (Green Party).

Bridge Ward

BALL Bill (Socialist Labour Party); BLAIR Louis Robert (Labour); CREES Martin (Green Party); FARLIE Victor John Peter

(Labour); GOODCHILD Angela Mary (Labour); HEATH Robert (Green Party); JAMES Andrew Paul (Labour); KENT Matt (Green Party);

KINGHAM Petrina (Liberal Democrat); LI Sam (Liberal Democrat); MACCLEARY James (Liberal Democrat); MCGILLIGAN Nicola Ann

(Green Party); MILNER Merlin Benedict Christopher (Liberal Democrat); REED Patti (Green Party); RIDDIHOUGH Barbara Anne

(Liberal Democrat); ROBINSON Nick (Conservative); SAWYER Anne Louise (Labour).

Go to www.lewes.gov.uk/council/districtelections2011.asp for information on AV, Lewes Town Council and Telscombe, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford Town Councils.