Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club

Club members’ seasonal caïssic thoughts turned this week to the International Chess Congress now taking place at Horntye Park on Monday.

There are at last count 10 club members playing in the Masters (itself at 100+ competitors) although it is sadly unlikely that any of our contingent will feature in the final prize list.

The Masters are playing in the afternoon (from 2.15pm) until next Tuesday and spectators are welcome - it’s a fascinating cosmopolitan contest. But we will also have club members playing in the various subsidiary tournaments and here we do hope for occasional success.

‘Social’ players sometimes ask if the event is suitable for them to play in. That depends whether you feel ready for the competitive side, full concentration, silence, ‘touch move’, writing the moves down, chess clocks....

If you want to dip your toe in those waters perhaps the Weekend Minor (January 2 to 4) is for you and there is still just time to enter: five games of serious chess from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon though you can skip the odd game by pre-arrangement.

Or perhaps you would prefer the slower pace and more intense atmosphere of the New Year tournament next Monday and Tuesday. Details on www.hastingschess.com, or from 01424 431970.