Hastings Borough Council planning applications - received between June 6 -12

HS/TP/17/00131: 1x Horse Chestnut - Reduce crown by 2 linear metres 1x Beech - Reduce crown by 2 linear metres. 1 Kildare Close, Hastings, TN34 2UA

HS/PR/17/00308: Application for certificate of proposed lawful development for the erection of summer house with a flat roof at the rear of the property.. 16 Priory Close, Hastings, TN34 1UJ

HS/FA/17/00331: One storey cat enclosure to the rear of property.. Basement And Ground Floor, 37 Elphinstone Road, Hastings, TN34 2EG

HS/FA/17/00351: Change of use from A1 to A4. 440 Old London Road, Hastings, TN35 5BB

HS/LB/17/00377: Replacement of timber skylight to the main roof and associated works and replacement of the lead covering the 1st floor flat roof to the front elevation.. 13 Pelham Crescent, Hastings, TN34 3AF

HS/FA/17/00397: Variation of condition 2 (Approved drawings) of planning permission HS/FA/17/00011(Conversion of 1 x 4 bedroom flat to 2 x 1 bedroom units at 1st floor and development of 2 x 1 bedroom units at new second floor level, including alterations to roof and windows and creation of storage space for relocation of existing retail condensers) - Amendment additional windows to first and second floor flats. 144 Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings, TN34 3SN

HS/FA/17/00394: Proposed enlargement of existing pedestrian access to form a vehicular access and an off road parking space. Proposed two storey extension to the front elevation. Proposed two storey and single storey extension to the rear elevation. Internal alterations to facilitate the same.. 87 Middle Road, Hastings, TN35 5DL

HS/FA/17/00406: Loft conversion, including installation of roof windows on rear roof slope. Top Flat, 40 Lower Park Road, Hastings, TN34 2LA

HS/AA/17/00405: 2no. fascia signs and 1 projecting sign.. Reina Mexicana, 11-12 Robertson Street, Hastings, TN34 1HL

HS/EX/17/00434: Use of the ground floor as a cafe bar with take away being a mixed use falling within classes A3, A4, A5 of the Use Classes Order, with opening hours of Sunday to Thursday 10.00am to 12.00 midnight and Friday and Saturday 10.00am to 01.00am. 50 George Street, Hastings, TN34 3EA

HS/FA/17/00439: Variation of condition (3): Approved plans of planning application HS/FA/15/00175 (conversion of Grade II Listed Building to provide 24 residential units, demolition of all other structures and provision of 97 residential units, with associated cycle and car parking spaces, new vehicular access from Archery Road, associated landscaping and enabling works) - to comprise minor material amendment for removal of underground voids and to amend the staircase and car park ventilation arrangements to the 2 apartment buildings at the northern end of the site.. Site of former Hastings College of Arts and Technology, Archery Road, St Leonards-on-sea, TN38 0HX

HS/FA/17/00443: New balcony at roof level. Shop and Premises, 1-2 Trinity Street, Hastings, TN34 1HG

HS/FA/17/00442: Change of use from A1 shop to Sui Generis Tattoo & Piercing Studio. 151 Queens Road, Hastings, TN34 1RN

HS/CD/17/00448: Discharge of conditions 6 (bridge details), 7(approved details), 17(construction management plan) and 34(affordable housing) of Planning Permission HS/FA/15/00175. Site of former Hastings College of Arts and Technology, Archery Road, St Leonards-on-sea, TN38 0HX

HS/FA/17/00446: The demolition of an existing rear lean to utility room and conservatory room. The construction of a new rear kitchen extension.. 37 Lower Park Road, Hastings, TN34 2LA

HS/TP/17/00460: Removal of T1 1 x Pine and T2 3 x Pine. 5 Langham Road, Hastings, TN34 2JE

HS/TP/17/00461: T1 Lime & T2 Hornbeam - reduce crown by 3m. 2 Playden Gardens, Hastings, TN34 2SH

HS/FA/17/00467: Proposed first floor extension to enlarge existing bedroom and form a new bathroom. New bi-fold doors to kitchen and internal alterations. Removal of chimney.. 73 Bulverhythe Road, St Leonards-on-sea, TN38 8AD

HS/TP/17/00473: Removal of 1x Sycamore. 82 Elphinstone Road,(on land to the rear of 78) Hastings, TN34 2BS

HS/TP/17/00474: 1x Holm Oak - Lift Crown to 4 metres 1x Pine - Shorten overhanging branches by 1 linear metre. 4-5 Seymour Villas, Hoads Wood Road, Hastings, TN34 2AQ

HS/CD/17/00478: Discharge of condition 4 (Surface water disposal/management) of Application HS/FA/16/00666. 20 The Slides, St Leonards-on-sea, TN38 9LE

HS/FA/17/00470: Change of use from three flats (Class C3 use) to a House in Multiple Occupation (sui generis) - Retrospective. 91 Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings, TN34 3SL

HS/FA/17/00468: Erection of a detached chalet style dwelling. Land rear of 23, Martineau Lane, Hastings, TN35 5DS

HS/FA/17/00484: Install a replacement bedroom window and entrance door. 38A High Street, Hastings, TN34 3ER

HS/LB/17/00485: Install a replacement bedroom window and entrance door. 38A High Street, Hastings, TN34 3ER

HS/CD/17/00481: Discharge of conditions: (3) Approval of materials: Joinery, roof light & schedule of finishes of Planning Permission HS/FA/14/00749. Workshop, 1A Harold Mews, St Leonards-on-sea, TN38 0EA

HS/FA/17/00488: First floor side extension. 180 Elphinstone Road, Hastings, TN34 2BN