Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

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August’s meeting was a talk by Rodney reminiscing on more than 25 years of service at some large laboratories near Redhill (Surrey), formerly Mullard but later taken over by electronics giant Philips.

It was a multi-discipline establishment also employing specialists in chemistry, metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

The presentation focused on a wide range of specialised scientific measurements used in the assessment of novel components, circuits and systems stretching far beyond those regularly used by radio amateurs. Numerous interesting questions from the audience rounded off a very enjoyable evening by highlighting occupational experiences of some other club members.

On Saturday, August 30 the club was privileged to have an away day visit to the radio station at the Conquest Hospital. The day was well-attended by members of the radio club and one of its own members, Antony (G4CUS) who is both a volunteer broadcaster and member of local radio clubs HERC and BSARS, gave visitors the opportunity to see the goings on behind the scenes at the studio.

Antony demonstrated the operation of the studio and its equipment and the day was enjoyed by all who attended.

Later this month on Wednesday, September 24 the club will be giving a live amateur radio demonstration at the Taplin Centre in Upper Maze Hill where members of the general public are welcome and invited to come along and find out more about the multi-faceted hobby which is enjoyed by millions of people the World over. The doors will be opening at 7.30pm and visitors are encouraged to contact the club secretary if they wish to come.

Please contact gordonsweet2000@yahoo.co.uk beforehand for further details if you intend to come.

The club’s official site can be found at http://www.herc-hastings.org.uk.