Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

Wednesday, September 24 saw the club open its doors at 7pm for its monthly meet at the Taplin Centre where a live amateur radio demonstration was given with hands-on experience to visitors who are considering taking their amateur radio licence at the entry “Foundation” level.

As usual, visitors were given a warm welcome to the club and members gave those present insights into the hobby with live radio transmitting experience through Jakey’s TenTec radio transmitter which sent its signals through the recently upgraded dipole antenna situated in the Taplin Centre’s gardens.

The ever-cheerful Jakey (G3JKY) is a long-time member of the Hastings Electronics and Radio club and is a strong advocate of Morse code. It wasn’t long before he made a contact in Spain and shortly after, followed this with succession of contacts in several other European countries.

Phil (G3MGQ) made an announcement regarding the important forthcoming changes which the regulatory body, Ofcom, will be making to the terms of the amateur radio licence in the coming months. One of the exciting changes being made is that amateur radio enthusiasts will have access to a new 5 MHz band. Phil iterated the importance of amateurs signing the regulatory document to convey the importance of these changes to Ofcom.

During the course of the evening members used a selection of radio equipment at the club and assisted visitors with their questions while providing an amateurs-eye view of the hobby. It is encouraging to see a trend of increased interest from the general public. The clubs dedicated committee and members are working hard to foster a new generation of young and older licencees who will enjoy the hobby with around three million other amateur enthusiasts world-wide.

On Saturday, October 25, the club will hold its annual auction of used electronic equipment. The doors will open to members and the general public at 1.30pm in the Holy Redeemer Church Hall, St Leonards, with bidding due to start around 2.15pm.

Please contact gordonsweet2000@yahoo.co.uk for any enquiries. The club’s official site can be found at http://www.herc-hastings.org.uk.