Hastings farmer set to live on £1 a day

Tim Jury and Zemach Getahun at Tim's farm. Picture by Farm Africa
Tim Jury and Zemach Getahun at Tim's farm. Picture by Farm Africa

A farmer is spending five days living off just £1 a day on food for charity.

Tim Jury decided to undertake the challenge to highlight the devastating effects of poverty on the 1.2 billion people who live on less than £1 a day.

Tim, who has supported anti-hunger charity Farm Africa for many years, is participating in Live Below the Line, a global challenge.

The Live Below the Line challenge is deceptively straightforward. It reads: “The challenge is to spend five days only eating and drinking what you can buy for £5.”

This year around 30,000 people worldwide are expected to take part.

Tim is drawing up his personal austerity plan to ensure that he can keep within the draconian budget restrictions.

One of the things he plans on making and eating is ‘ugali’, an African dish of maize flour cooked with water to a porridge or dough-like consistency.

A carbohydrate filled diet will be particularly important for Tim as he is super active, working on his farm in Pett, near Hastings.

Tim is also a keen runner and, to add to the already tough Live Below the Line challenge, on Saturday, May 2 he will be taking on the gruelling Thames-Oxon 40-mile ultra marathon.

The farmer started his fundraising 30 years ago during the Ethiopian famine and has never stopped.

Over the years he has run, cycled and trekked in the UK and Africa, while his annual barn dance and carol service have become popular local events. So far, he has raised more than £100,000.

Tim said: “Live Below the Line is a novel way of raising money and one that helps to demonstrate what so many people have to put up with every day simply because of their poverty.

“Living Below the Line will be doubly difficult for me because it takes place during the busy lambing season, to be immediately followed by an ultra marathon. Still, going hungry is a small sacrifice for such a important cause and I won’t be the only one suffering as my neighbour has agreed to join me in Live Below the Line.”

Farm Africa supports farmers living at subsistence level, constantly at risk of crop failure, to build food and income security so that they can grow a better and reliable future for their families.

Live Below the Line is an initiative of Global Citizen – an international education and advocacy organisation working towards the end of extreme poverty by 2030. Live Below the Line currently takes place in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It challenges people to live below the poverty line for five days each year.

You can read Tim’s blog and sponsor him at www.livebelowtheline.com/me/timjury.

Anyone who is inspired by Tim’s challenge and wants to join Team Farm Africa should can sign up at www.farmafrica.org/theline.