Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

On November 18 we had an illustrated talk by Colin Rendle, a member of the forum, on Interesting India.

He and his wife did not take one of the many tours on offer, but booked flights and on arrival booked a car and driver to take them to the places they wished to visit.

This allowed them to visit many sites at less popular times with less tourists and allowed them to take many stunning photographs which we could enjoy. They visited Mondora with its range of beautiful temples adorned with lovely frescos and wall paintings.

One temple visited was overrun with rats that are worshipped and fed by the local people. A visit to the Phar desert with its range of colourful birds. Visits to many villages to meet the locals and be given an insight into the way they live.

A highlight of this trip was a visit to the Taj Mahal this stunning white marble palace highlighted by the carvings on the outside of this mausoleum in the setting sun. This visit to India was made very interesting by its insight into this large and varied country.