Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

On February 3 we had an illustrated talk on Plumpton College.

The college started after the First World War to show young people how to use the land in a proper manner. The college as we know it was formed in 1926 with 12 students with the object to increase the knowledge of different soils and how to use them.

Over the years it has expanded first with a small herd of Jersey Short Horn cows, then a flock of South Down sheep and then a herd of Saddle Back pigs. A variety of other animals were added. Today all forms of farming are taught, as well as animal management. Veterinary nursing training is on the college curriculum, countryside management, traditional craft skills which includes smithing, ecology, and further care of trees and hedge laying.

The college today is a leading agriculture college situated in Plumpton in the South Downs area.