Hastings Wetherspoons rated one of worst in Sussex by TripAdvisor users.

Local consumers have rated the Hastings Wetherspoons as one of the worst in Sussex,

The John Logie Baird pub, Hastings 3/4/09
The John Logie Baird pub, Hastings 3/4/09

The John Logie Baird came third from bottom in a league table of the pub chain’s outlets in Sussex according to TripAdvisor ratings.

By contrast, the recently opened Picture Playhouse in Bexhill, was rated best in the county.

SEE ALSO: Amber Rudd MP urges people to support small shops and businesses in run-up to ChristmasThe John Logie Baird, in Havelock Road, has an overall rating of 3.5 out of five, but it’s not a favourite among customers. One simply said “Do not go in Hastings Wetherspoons”, with another customer stating “Not a very pleasant experience”.

Only a Wetherspoons in Brighton and the Spoons at Gatwick Airport were rated below Hastings.

The debate was joined by Hastings groups on social media last night with one woman commenting: “It’s terrible! Full of drinkers, even first thing in the morning. The food is awful with no care or thought taken.”

Another poster commented: “I don’t mind Spoons but our Hastings one is a complete dump.”

Wetherspoon owner Tim Martin’s decision not to stock EU drinks such as Champagne also came under fire with one man commenting: “Now I hear they are banning European drinks - really the last straw.”

But not everyone was critical - one poster said: “It keeps the prices low. You will find many pubs and restaurants serving worse and charging the earth.”

Another commented: “You get what you pay for.”