Have a pint while you post a letter in Nutley?

Please credit Ron Hill. Inset left Sue Gothard and The Nutley Arms Pub.
Please credit Ron Hill. Inset left Sue Gothard and The Nutley Arms Pub.

Residents could soon grab a pint while posting their mail if plans to move a post office outreach site into a pub in Nutley get the go ahead.

The Nutley Arms, in Nutley, could become an outreach site for post office services.

It means residents in Nutley will be able to access post office services in the village and, if they fancy it, grab a pint while they wait in the queue for their stamps.

The establishment near Uckfield will receive regular visits from the sub-postmistress of Ridgewood Post Office in Uckfield, Sue Gothard.

Ms Gothard will attend the outreach site during the week and will help customers with the services they need from the post office.

There has been a Village Store and Post Office situated in Lewes Road, Ridgewood, Uckfield, for over a hundred years.

Although much has changed over that time, it is still at the heart of the community.

As well as monitoring the Nutley post office, Ms Gothard has also offered to run the Hurstwood Post Office from its current location at High Hurstwood Village Hall.

She took the decision to run the post office after it was threatened with closure following the resignation of the postmaster.

A similar scheme could set up in Isfield at the Holly Gap Farm Shop.

Julia Marwood, Post Office regional network manager for the south, said the post office understood how important it was for residents in rural communities to have access to post office services in their village.

She said she hoped the outreach site would meet the needs of the local community.

She said: “We understand how important having a post office is to residents in rural communities and we are confident that these hosted outreach services will meet the needs of the local communities and secure services for the future.”

It is hoped the Nutley Arms branch will be open on Tuesdays from 10am until Noon.

Nutley did have a branch of the post office but this closed in May 2007.

The Isfield store shut a year later in December 2008.

The Post Office has invited customers and residents to express their opinion on the move in a six-week public consultation, which ends on October 3.

For more information visit www.postoffice.co.uk