Have your say on 220 homes plan for Ringmer

The future development of Ringmer is coming under the spotlight, with proposals for 220 new houses to be built in the village in the period to 2030.

It is part of the Lewes District Core Strategy, published this month.

The Ringmer Neighbourhood Plan has already embarked on a second round of consultation and community engagement.

John Kay, the Chairman of Ringmer Parish Council, said: “Last winter, in the first round of community engagement, residents sent the parish council a very clear picture of the types of development they would, and would not, like to see in the village.

“Now the focus is on much more detailed issues, such as how the new housing and other new developments should be distributed within the village.”

The council’s January newsletter details forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan meetings.

It states: “Decisions being made now will affect everyone over the next 20 years and determine what our village (if it is still a village) will be like.

“If you care, come along to our meetings and have your say.”

The ‘Ringmer to 2030’ meetings will be held at the Village Hall. The Core Strategy and the Neighbourhood Plan will be considered on January 30 (7.30-9pm).

New housing at Broyleside and rural areas is the topic on February 13 (7.30-9pm), and new housing in Ringmer village on February 20.

Drop-in sessions will be held on February 8 (4-7pm) and Feb 9 (10am-2pm).