Heahfield pair help Kenyan children

A Heathfield couple are working to provide help for the street children of Kenya.

Roger and Lesley Dann from Cuckmere Rise run the charity Harambee for Kenya, a scheme which aims to take children from the streets to a place of safety where they can receive medical help, be fed and educated.

Roger said: “Harambee is Swahili for ‘all pull together.’ When people think of Africa many tend to think of the animals and the beautiful landscapes.

“Tourists do not generally see all the realities. Thousands of children live on the streets for many reasons including being orphaned by AIDS or they have had to fend for themselves because there is only one parent who cannot care for them.

“They have no identity and are regularly beaten by people. They are often seen begging and scavenging for food on rubbish tips.”

Roger and Lesley plan to supply safe houses in areas where young people are homeless.

They ensure each project is working well with the right support before moving on to others.

They appeal for help through sponsorship, running a boot sale or adopting a whole or part of a school.

Another option is holding a Harambee party to see imported African crafts including beautiful soapstone carvings, wood and leatherware created by talented Kenyan young people.

For more information call 01435 865502.