Health group aims to fight Seaford’s corner

AN ORGANISATION to argue the case for improved health services in Seaford will be set up by MP Norman Baker and county councillor Jon Freeman.

The Friends of Seaford Health will also help shape the new health landscape in the light of changes being introduced locally and nationally.

The idea emerged at a meeting called by the MP which took place on Friday (January 27) at Seaford Health Centre.

It was attended by GPs, councillors and campaigners, as well as the Lib Dem MP for Seaford Mr Baker. The organisation should include people from both main political parties in the town, as well as people from neither.

Mr Baker said: “I have been fighting on health with local residents for years through petitions, meetings and public demonstrations. We have seen our local demands ignored and promises broken, while Seaford residents have been left with inadequate health provision in the town.

“Yet we have another window of opportunity provided by the changes taking place within the NHS to argue the case for Seaford. To do that, I think we need a strong cross-party voice and that is what Jon and I are proposing.”

Cllr Freeman (L.Dem, SeafordBlatchington) said: “We believe that outpatient services can be improved and are cost effective.

“Existing buildings can be better used although a commitment to a new building is still vital in both service and financial terms.

“We call for the people of Seaford to stand up and back our call for a Friends of Seaford Health campaigning group to be set up across party and across voluntary organisations so that we can better influence and storm the citadels of health power so that Seaford is on the map and not relegated to a 28,000 strong backwate- up the creek without a health paddle.”