Health group launches in Seaford

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A GROUP which is hoping to fight for better health services in Seaford is appealing for people to join.

The Campaign for Action on Seaford Health (CASH) is being spearheaded by Seaford councillor Sam Adeniji, who plans to hold a major launch event for the group in May.

The campaign launch event would enable the town’s residents to meet and think about the immediate services which were of priority.

Cllr Adeniji said: “Over the last few years the campaign for improved health services in Seaford has been driven by local politicians but if we are to succeed in our quest for improved health services in Seaford we must broaden this campaign to include as many local people as possible and enlist and utilise our skill set.

“The campaign can no longer be restricted to local politicians.

“I hope that by launching the health campaign action group CASH, we will be able to expand the efforts of our health campaign and hopefully be able to take the campaign to the upper echelons of power, for example to the Health Secretary in Whitehall and as far as Westminster. The voices of the people of Seaford must be heard.”

CASH is a continuation of the campaign for improved health services in Seaford which has been gathering momentum for some years.

As a district and town councillor, cllr Adeniji has been working with people, health professionals and councillors from across the political spectrum to form CASH.

Trying to find a date and time that suited the different professional groups was proving difficult, he said, but added he was hoping a formal launch event in could take place in May.

Cllr Adeniji said: “The public response to my petition last year for improved health services for Seaford was extremely encouraging.

“I am looking to hear from any individuals, local groups, health professionals or any interested parties who would like to contribute and/or speak at the proposed health campaign launch event or will be happy to join in and support the Campaign for Action on Seaford Health (CASH).”

To get involved with the campaign email cllr Adeniji