Health services coming to town

Seaford Day Hospital
Seaford Day Hospital

More health services will be available to residents in Seaford now that charity Horder Healthcare has bought the day hospital in the town.

The return of services to Seaford such as consultant led orthopaedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) services, including physiotherapy, was welcomed by Lewes MP Norman Baker and Seaford councillor Sam Adeniji.

Horder Healthcare announced it was planning to refurbish the building in Sutton Road and open it in spring 2014.

Mr Baker said: “This is the first good news on the health front for Seaford for quite a long time.

“I am delighted that this building has not only been saved for health uses, but also given a new lease of life.

“The range of services on offer here is just what Seaford needs.

“It is important of course that this new development is integrated properly into the wider health planning and delivery for the town.”

Cllr Sam Adeniji said: “We are particularly pleased that the new owners have indicated their willingness to restore physiotherapy services back to Seaford.

“The combination of the petition calling on the local NHS to restore physiotherapy services back to Seaford and the march for Seaford Health in which 200 Seaford residents marched through the town have succeeded in stopping Seaford from being asset-stripped and helped to ensure that Seaford Day Hospital has been retained for the provision of health services for the people of Seaford.

“Horder Healthcare have indicated their willingness to work with us the people of Seaford.

“We are looking forward to meeting with them (Karen Planterose their Commercial Director) at the next Seaford Stakeholders meeting on the 14th January 2014 where we will begin a dialogue to ensure the needs of Seaford residents are voiced and heard.

“Our challenge now is to ensure that the services delivered by Horder HealthCare reflect the needs of the people of Seaford and not just services that are cherry picked because of their lucrativeness.”

Horder Healthcare runs The Horder Centre in Crowborough and Horder Healthcare in Eastbourne.

Chief xecutive of Horder Healthcare, Di Thomas said: “We are delighted to be opening a new healthcare facility in Seaford and in the new year look forward to talking to local people to determine local needs ensuring that our new facility is a real contribution to the community.”

Chair of Campaign for Action on Seaford Health Ralph Taylor added: “This purchase will ensure that the day hospital remains in use for health purposes, rather than the land being sold off for housing. Our job now is to talk to Horder Healthcare about the precise uses to which the building will be put.

Our first priority is to ensure that a full physiotherapy service is provided and available to NHS patients in Seaford. We would also like to see X-ray and diagnostic services.”

Chair of Seaford Seniors’ Forum Jon Freeman added: “Older people will be delighted that a new community health-care facility is opening in Seaford. We hope that Horder can make a local contribution to meeting the urgent health needs we have identified. We believe that physiotherapy as well as other services are best delivered in Seaford for Seaford people.

We look forward to raising the town’s priorities with Horder and given their reputation we believe we can forge a constructive and worthwhile relationship with them. We welcome them to the town and look forward to an early meeting.”

For more information visit the charity’s website