Composer on song at film premiere


A composer from Hailsham has written and produced the film score for a major new movie.

Simon Woodgate worked on ‘All Stars’, a comedy, music and dance from film studio Vertigo which opened across the country in 3D on May 3.

Mr Woodgate said: “It was an amazing opportunity to work with a group of very talented artists.

“There are some moving scenes that really show off the young actor’s skills. When I was at the Premiere, the audience was absolutely silent during a pivotal scene.”

The film stars Theo Stevenson, best known for playing Horrid Henry in the recent film, and Akai Osei-Mansfield, who appeared in the ‘Streetdance’ movies. With a group of friends they have to stage an ambitious talent show & raise money to save their local youth centre

from closure. The film is a visual treat, with everything from a 3D fantasy ‘Space invaders’ dream sequence to dancing Origami Samurai warriors.

The film’s adult cast includes Ashley Jensen (Extras), Mark Heap (Friday night dinner, Spaced), John Barrowman (Torchwood, Zero Dark Thirty) and Kimberly Walsh from Girls aloud.

Simon, who has been a writer and producer with Sony music since 1997, also used some local talent for one of the early scenes.

Denise Roberts, from Horam, sings ‘Let’s all dance’, one of the songs featured in the movie’s soundtrack.

Simon said “I have known Denise for years, and used her for everything from Postman Pat to the recent Greggs TV campaign. She can sing anything! When I first played the song to Lol Hammond, music supervisor at Vertigo, he loved at and said we must use this in the movie!”

The film’s soundtrack is a mixture of classic orchestral score, energetic electronic dance and subtler acoustic performances.

“Ben (Director) and I wanted the score to express the personalities of the main characters as much as possible” says Simon, “they are a bit of a ragtag bunch who are not very confident to begin with, so the music had to reflect that. As the film progresses and they start to gel as a group, the music becomes more assured”

“I think it’s a film that will surprise people. Sure it is a great dance movie, but there is a lot more to it than that. It’s the kind of film that parents might feel obliged to take their kids to, but then come away having really enjoyed it themselves”.