Feel Good Health Fair in Lewes tomorrow

Lewes plays host to the Feel Good Health Fair tomorrow (Saturday) at Subud House, Station Street (10am-4pm).

It promises to be a refreshing, friendly and interactive approach to exploring good health on many levels. Admission to the event is free.

Organiser Tina Deubert said: “Many of us are looking for complementary and natural solutions to our health problems, and this fair gives people a chance to find out more about what’s available in and around Lewes.

“I wanted to create an event for local people to meet and talk with a variety of practitioners in a friendly, informal atmosphere.”

Many of the practitioners are offering discounts for appointments booked on the day, and there is a free draw with many treatments and products as prizes.

Many disciplines are represented, from head to foot, emotional to physical, and from birth to death. Specialists in pregnancy, end of life care and ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will also be there.

There is a packed talk and demonstration programme throughout the day, and a cafe run by Tina (foodworks4u – the owner of the salad stall at the Friday market in Lewes).

She said: “This event will appeal to a wide range of people who will feel comfortable and happy to pop in and browse around.

“Everyone there will happily talk about what they do and explain how it may help. Different people respond to different disciplines and therapists, so this fair gives people a chance to discover what might suit them.”

Visit www.foodworks4u.co.uk/feel-good-fair