local government

The district council’s share of council tax is set to remain frozen for a third time.

A decision not to raise taxes is due to be rubber stamped at a meeting of the full Wealden District Council on February 20.

The authority’s members are expected to refuse to increase the amount Wealden residents pay for their district council services despite it coming at a time when the council has cut costs by around £1million a year for the last three years.

Cllr Bob Standley, leader of Wealden District Council, said the council was working hard to ensure services were maintained while saving money.

He said: “Over the last three years we have maintained services whilst delivering significant savings of £3 million a year through our Transformation Programme.

”Carefully managing our finances has meant we are able to accept the extra Government funding, equal to one per cent of Council Tax, and are once again proposing to freeze the cost to Wealden residents.

“We will continue to implement the Transformation Programme which has included sharing service delivery with neighbouring councils.

“These services include the new Joint Waste Contract, Environmental Health and Building Control.”

The Cabinet proposal means the Wealden element of residents’ total council tax bill will remain at £174.06 for an average Band D property for the fourth year in a row - the equivalent of £3.35 a week.

The council is also set to consult on Wealden’s Medium Term Financial Strategy up to 2018 which will continue to balance the Council’s budget in the years ahead. The aim is to keep any future increases in council tax in line with inflation.

Wealden District Council provides a wide range of services including kerbside recycling collections for every household, public health and environmental protection, a comprehensive planning service, housing support, leisure centres and benefits for people with limited means.

The full council tax bill for Wealden households includes payments to East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire & Rescue and local parish and town councils.

Wealden council will consult with town and parish councils, Wealden Local Strategic Partnership on its proposed council tax freeze before a final decision is made.