Heathfield couple join forces with Crowborough law firm

Chappell Pasco
Chappell Pasco

Heathfield-based husband and wife family lawyers have joined forces with a Crowborough based family law firm.

John and Sharon Kay set up Kay Family Law LLP last September. Before his move John had been a partner in family firm Rix and Kay based in Uckfield and Heathfield. Since the move the couple say they have been delighted with the progress they have made.

On April 1 they were joined by Lee Pascoe following a merger with Chappell Pascoe. The firm is now known as Kay & Pascoe LLP and will operate from Heathfield and Crowborough.

Lee Pascoe is also a specialist family lawyer accredited by the Law Society.

John said: “We think our success is based on the fact we treat each new client individually and discuss various options of resolving their difficulties without necessarily facing a long and contested court battle.

“We can offer mediation and collaborative law as alternatives to going to court where appropriate. But we also represent clients using the traditional court process.” Also offered is ‘pay as you go’.