Heating cost cut for homes in Mayfield, Herstmonceux and Buxted

MASSIVE green energy improvements could be caried out on 25 council-owned homes in Mayfield, Herstmonceux and Buxted if a bid for a £175,000 grant is accepted by Government. Wealden has lodged the bid following trials at one of the Council’s 1940s properties in Bells Yew Green. These saw heating costs cut by around 30% thanks to solar thermal panels and an air source heat pump.

Affordable housing member Cllr Graham Wells said: “We have already seen an improvement in tenants’ heating bills in our Bells Yew Green energy pilot and wood burning initiatives at homes in Isfield and Berwick. Success in our grant bid to the Energy Savings Trust would enable us to expand our trials to a wider range of council properties. It’s important we continue to strive to reduce our reliance on environmentally-harmful fossil fuels. The introduction of new energy technologies can also provide a welcome boost to the local economy, and we hope interest among private home owners will mirror our own.”

The grants are available for a range of green energy systems including biomass boilers, solar thermal systems, ground source heat pumps, air-to-water source heat pumps and water-to-water source heat pumps. It is open to all registered state landlords. Information about how the new technologies perform will be shared with the EST and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Wealden’s Eco-Homes Pilot at Bells Yew Green has seen an existing solid fuel heat system and electric immersion heater replaced by an air source heat pump which is used to heat the house, and a solar thermal panel used to heat its hot water. The results of the bidding process are expected to be known this month.