Hellingly Hospital

Colleagues and friends met to wish Judy well in her retirement.
Colleagues and friends met to wish Judy well in her retirement.

A physiotherapist who worked at the former Hellingly Hospital has retired after working for the NHS for 42 years.

Judy Piper retired from her position as Physiotherapy Manager at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust last month.

Qualifying at Guy’s Hospital in London, Judy went on to join the then physiotherapy team at Hellingly Hospital, and has held various positions in the NHS in East Sussex.

Judy recalled her early career and said it has changed a lot over the years.

She said : “When working in rural areas near my home, many of my referrals came via messages left in local shops and stuck under the windscreen wipers on my ‘Home Physio Van.’

“Today all referrals are sent to a central point.”

Judy said she would like to thank everyone who turned out for her leaving party.

She said: “I would like to thank all those who came to say goodbye.

“It was an excellent ‘do’ in the Friends Eastbourne District General Hospital Rehab Gym.

“I received many cards and presents, the main being garden vouchers, which is fantastic as I spend many hours in my woodland garden.

“In addition some of the community staff invited me to visit Amberstone, where I was given a surprise presentation of camping chairs and various useful presents for a planned trip around Europe.

“A huge thank you to everyone.”