Help school's efforts in nationwide recycling competition fundraiser

Carrie Cort with William Penn Primary School pupilsCarrie Cort with William Penn Primary School pupils
Carrie Cort with William Penn Primary School pupils
William Penn Primary School is asking the people of Coolham and Horsham to help them save as many air freshener and home care products as possible from landfill to support them in their efforts to win a nationwide recycling contest.

The 2016 Febreze Freshness Rewards Contest is part of a recycling fundraising initiative called the Febreze Air and Home Care Recycling Programme which enables any brand of air freshener and home care products and packaging to be recycled for the first time.

Any plastic bottles and aerosols should still be recycled as part of the local council kerb side collections though.

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Founder of Sussex Green Living Carrie Cort who is managing the collections on behalf of the school also earns two TerraCycle points for the weight of each piece of air freshener and home care product / packaging sent in, with each point redeemable for a one pence contribution to William Penn Primary School. All funds raised will go towards building a new classroom at the school.

She said: “So far we have saved 163 pieces of waste for recycling as part of the 2016 Febreze Freshness Rewards contest. We also collect on the McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Recycling Programme, EllaCycle, The BIC Writing Instruments Recycling Programme and the Kenco Coffee Packaging Recycling Programme.

“To date we have raised a total of £627 with TerraCycle, which has been donated to William Penn Primary School and Horsham Matters.

“The support of the wider Sussex community can really help boost the amount of air freshener and home care waste we save from landfill, our chances of becoming a winner in the 2016 Febreze Freshness Rewards Contest and the amount of money we raise for the William Pen Primary School.

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“To help our efforts simply drop your used plastic air fresheners and plug-in refills, air and home care product trigger heads, pumps and caps and flexible home cleaning wipe packs of any brand and any of the other types of waste we collect back to our collection boxes located in the William Penn Primary School playground on Brooks Green Road in Coolham between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:15 pm.”

Until July 8, the programme will be run through both private collectors and public drop off locations. There are £2,500 of charity donations being shared between 12 winners. Shipments over 1kg are also credited with a sweepstake ticket, with two lucky sweepstake winners chosen at random at the end of the contest each receiving £125 in charitable donations.

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