Herald and Gazette giving cash to schools

Calling all schools! We know school budgets have never been tighter – that it’s more and more difficult to buy that extra little something that will make such a difference to children.

Now we can help!

For all of June, we will be running an exciting Cash for Schools offer – and will mean EVERY school in the area can be quids in.

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And collecting the cash couldn’t be easier.

Simply cut out the masthead on the front of the paper – the masthead is the blue Herald or Gazette on the front page– making sure you keep the dateline intact.

Arrange with other parents at your child’s school to do the same, and keep them somewhere safe.

Towards the end of the month, we will print a form in the Herald & Gazette for you to complete.

Then it’s simply a case of sending to us the form and all the mastheads your school has collected – and we’ll pay you for every single one.

For infant, junior and primary schools catering for the younger pupils up to Year 7, we shall give your school 2p for every masthead you collect.

For the senior schools, up to Year 11, we shall pay 1p for every masthead.

So start collecting. If, during the month, you organise the collection for your primary school, and collect 5,000 mastheads, that is £100 – enough for a little treat for pupils.

And the offer is open to EVERY school, however many mastheads you collect.

Herald & Gazette editor in chief Colin Channon said: “I work very closely with schools, and I know budgets have never been tighter.

“I was visiting one school which was working on improving pupil attendance, and was very keen to hold a party for pupils. But there wasn’t any money to even fund a small celebration.

“A scheme like this is ideal – it will bring in a little extra cash for a small treat, or buy some books or comics to encourage children to read.

“If schools and parents band together and collect, then a nice little sum could be winging its way to the school office before the end of the school year.”

The small print

-Infant, junior and primary schools catering for the younger pupils up to Year 7 will receive 2p for every masthead collected.

- Senior schools, up to Year 11, will receive 1p for every masthead that is collected.

- Every masthead needs to be cut from a copy of the paper in June – please keep the dateline intact.

- Each masthead must be original – no photocopies are allowed.

- We will print an entry form in June, which will need to be completed and returned with your collection of mastheads at the end of the month.