Herbalist’s name used for Isfield affordable homes

Graham Wells, Dr Brian Redman, Geoff Sambrook, David Standfast.
Graham Wells, Dr Brian Redman, Geoff Sambrook, David Standfast.

A small development of five affordable new homes, built by housing association Saxon Weald in Isfield and named after a famous resident, was hailed as ‘a first’ by a Wealden district councillor when they were formally opened last Friday.

Cllr Graham Wells, cabinet member for affordable housing, said they were unique in his experience as they had received ‘no objections and sailed through the planning process’.

Speaking at the same event, Geoff Sambrook, chairman of Isfield Parish Council, congratulated everyone who had helped to build them and said they fitted into the village very well.

David Standfast, chief executive of Saxon Weald, said the homes in Culpeper Close had enabled young local people to stay in the village – which was confirmed by one of the new residents, Helen Stonham, who said: “I have lived in Isfield for 32 years – all my life. If these homes hadn’t been built I would have had to leave the village where my family live and where I work.”

The three houses and two flats are named after Isfield’s most famous resident, the 17th century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper.