Hideous medieval complaints to plague Battle of Lewes festival

Visitors will be able to obtain fake plague spots, boils and warts.
Visitors will be able to obtain fake plague spots, boils and warts.

First aiders on stand-by at tomorrow’s Chalklife Festival with Medieval Mayhem in Lewes have been warned that visitors may appear to have some unsavoury health conditions.

Reflecting the historic events at Landport Bottom in 1264, Friends of Wallands Primary School have organised a Medieval Medicine experience that will offer guests a consultation with an apothecary of dubious credentials and a wide range of fake plague spots, warts, boils and battle wounds to impress their friends.

The festival, from 11am-4pm, is being organised jointly by Friends of Wallands, Lewes District Council and Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society. The event will be an extravaganza of fun for all the family, including medieval crafts, Battle of Lewes re-enactment displays, archery, falconry, catapult challenges and wildlife walks.

A highlight will be the creation of a ‘Child of Lewes’ image on the side of the Downs, designed by competition winner Freya Garratt-Herd.

Chair of Friends of Wallands, Caroline Croft, said: “This has been a wonderful new opportunity for Friends of Wallands to work in partnership with Lewes District Council and Nevill Bonfire Society to create this extraordinary event.

“We are celebrating the history of the site and our fortunate position in time and geography. We hope it will be a truly memorable day for all.”