High flying Isfield teen licensed as pilot

Josh Meaton
Josh Meaton

A young high flyer from Isfield is one of the youngest in the country at just 17 to achieve his coveted Private Pilots Licence.

Josh Meaton has been a flying buff all his life and when he hit the age of 15 he started training.

He first flew solo at 16.

Josh learns his technical skills in a Piper Warrior at Flying Time Aviation at Shoreham Airport.

He said: “I started training when i was 15 and went solo at 16.

“Then at the youngest age of 17 I passed and got my Private Pilots Licence.

“It took me two years and eight days to complete the PPL course and I did it in the minimum hours required - 45.

“There were seven written exams to pass and a final flight test with a CAA examiner.

“I’ve loved flying from a very young age and I can also fly gliders - I started doing that at 13.

“I think that aviation is amazing.

“The sky is the limit!”

Josh, a student at Sussex Downs College in Lewes, hopes to start flying as an instructor or full-time airline pilot.

He’s been in charge of visiting aircraft to the Shoreham Airshow for the last two years.

The PPL course includes completing at least 45 hours’ flying training, including ten hours’ solo flying, five hours’ solo ‘cross-country’ flying and at least one solo flight of not fewer than 150 nautical miles with full-stop landings at two or more different aerodromes other than the aerodrome of departure.